What Do Your Patients Want from Your Dental Practice

Recent research by The Rain Group, which is profiled in an article in Inc. magazine, offers some interesting insights into what drives customer behavior.  Applying this information to your dental practice will help you fine-tune the patient experience.

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Customers indicate they will make a purchasing decision when they feel confident you and your team believe in what you offer.  This is why hygienists, for example, who are aligned with your treatment philosophy, help you increase treatment acceptance.  Conversely, when team members are not aligned with the dental practice, you struggle to grow.

Another thing customers appreciate is when you listen and understand all of their needs.  We have all experienced times when salespeople march into their pitch without fully understanding what we need.  Dental patients are no different.  As the old saying goes, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason: we need to spend twice as much time listening as talking.

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Finally, customers dislike it when they do not understand what you are offering.  This is especially true in dentistry.  Clinically correct jargon puts a communication barrier between you and your dental patient, which is why people often fail to schedule after learning they have a “gray margin” or “deep pockets.”  Customers and dental patients want clear and concise language.  Confused patients rarely schedule.

Learning what your patients want is an important step in guiding them to better dental health.  The more you can meet and exceed your patient’s expectations, the more they will keep returning, often after referring friends and family.

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