Urge Congress to Get to Work on a COVID-19 Relief Bill

The American Dental Association recently sent out the message below. We believe there is hope for a package to get passed before the end of the year and we encourage you to read the ADA message and to Take Action one more time before the end of 2020.


Dear Advocate,

Thank you for your past efforts on asking your congressional representatives to include key policies in a COVID-19 relief package that are much needed for our profession and our patients. We are now asking once again to have your voice heard by pressuring Congress to come back together and fully commit to passing a relief bill by the end of the year. As you have gotten back to work in your offices, we can only expect Congress to do the same.

In addition to urging that lawmakers quickly get to work on the next relief package, we are asking you to highlight the top-level issues the ADA would like to see included in that package. These include: reforms to the Paycheck Protection Program that would ease the administrative burden for forgiveness, tax credits for PPE, additional student loan relief, liability protections for practices, Medicaid enhancement, incentives for dentists to work in underserved communities, and other policies that will assist practices in providing essential oral health care to their patients.

Please have your voice heard today!

Mike Graham

Senior Vice-President

Government and Public Affairs

American Dental Association  1111 14th Street, NW, #1100, Washington, DC 20005  www.ada.org

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