Tires and Teeth

A dental practice can sometimes be viewed just like an automotive tire store. Not in the sense that they both sell similar products, or even have similar processes. What they have in common are customers who have similar purchasing habits.7.15.15 group a & b

A study commissioned by the state of California revealed some interesting findings about consumers who purchase tires. Basically they fell into two different camps. In camp number one there were a group of individuals that were dedicated to the preventative maintenance of their car and would always replace their tires before the tread got too worn down. They recognized it would be dangerous to continue driving with tires which were well past their service life. Then in camp two, you had a group of individuals who replaced their tires because they had recently experienced a flat tire. This group was ok ignoring the signs of wear on the tires until it was too late. Dental patients aren’t all that different. There are patients who are dedicated to the continual maintenance of their teeth and gums, while others only step foot in the practice when something goes wrong.

The customers who replaced their tires as a part of their preventative maintenance shared a common trait. They all knew (or talked to someone who knew) when the tires were worn out and should be replaced.  Similar to tires, there are various dental treatments that have a finite service life. The crowns and fillings placed in patients’ mouths 10 years ago aren’t going to last forever. Letting patients know how much “mileage” they can expect to get out of the existing work they have in their mouth will not only help them better prepare for eventual future treatment, but it will also mitigate any frustration the patient experiences when the restoration eventually fails. Proactive patients will definitely appreciate this additional level of communication and will value knowing what to expect 2, 3 or even 4 years into the future.7.15.15 happy teeth

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