Fluence’s Commitment to You

We are excited to see how well practices are performing given everything we have experienced in the last year. We also share your enthusiasm about a sense of normalcy returning to our lives. Even though the challenges of 2020 are in the rearview mirror for many, we wanted to let you know that our work on COVID-related tax relief is far from over.

We are committed to helping every eligible practice maximize the Employee Retention Tax Credit. This tax credit has provided, on average, tens of thousands of dollars to our clients. Also, for those of you who have enlisted our services, we will continue guiding you through what to submit for PPP loan forgiveness. We are focused on helping you achieve maximum loan forgiveness for both PPP loans.

In addition to our commitment to help you with COVID-related tax relief, we will also work hard to support the success of your practice.  We will stay on top of new developments with tax laws and guide you to plan proactively based on any changes. You can expect a thorough analysis of your cash flow to help you meet your financial goals. Finally, given the competitiveness of the labor market, we will keep you informed about compensation and benefits for your team.

Our commitment to work hard on your behalf also involves knowing where to allocate our resources. For example, due to the impact of the pandemic on 2020, we will not do our typical comparative analysis reports unless specifically needed. We look forward to getting back to the reports in 2022.

In addition, with our team focused on helping you with the Employee Retention Tax Credit, PPP loan forgiveness, and 2020 tax returns, we will meet with you less frequently this year. However, we will still be in regular communication with you. As mentioned above, we will also be staying on top of tax law changes, trends in dentistry, and your 2021 accounting. You can depend on us to keep you updated regarding how your practice is performing and to address any questions or concerns you may have. Please know that if anything comes up to where you need a face-to-face meeting, we are here for you.

Our Fluence team is committed to providing the resources you need for a very successful 2021. We look forward to advising and supporting you not only this year but for many years to come.

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