If you are looking for PPE, Please see below email blast that was just sent out by Green Sail Transitions



Green Sail Transitions





Good morning,

The PPE small order site is now available. You will find the link below. This e-commerce add-on to Handshake’s website has been put together for you at breakneck speed. Please expect that there may be a few glitches. We hope you will help us work them out. A comment section was added so you can communicate any issues, but also use that field to make suggestions on other items needed such as booties, hair covers, etc.

  • SHIPPING – You will find a shipping chart on the website. You will have overnight, 2 day and ground shipping options. These shipping fees include the cost of shipping to a warehouse in AZ – picking, repackaging, labelling and then shipping direct to you. They are set at flat rates now as optimization cannot be completed in short order. That will be forthcoming. It’s going to be expensive for real small order, but there is nothing that can be done about that. You may want to combine orders with friends and split shipping costs. If items are on backorder, we urge you to place your order anyway. The stated shipping is 7-14 days, but they expect it to be shorter, depending on inventory coming in and out daily.


  • QUESTIONS – Please do not inundate them with questions such as “where are these from”, “can I get samples”, “what brand are these”, etc. You must understand, nobody has that luxury right now, especially people ordering less than several hundred thousand pieces! There has to be a level of trust that Handshake will do everything they can to only provide items that meet requirements.

The link is directly below. We wish you the best with your PPE procurement and your reopening as well!

You are welcome to share this letter and link to any of your friends and colleagues that are not part of our email community.

-The Green Sail team



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