Personal Expenses and the Corporate Account

Commingling personal expenses and business expenses is a bad idea for multiple reasons.  A prudent business owner needs keep the expenses separate and it is important to understand that even if you… Continue On +

Planning in 2012 for 2013 Tax Law Changes (Part I)

With the recently “upheld” Health Care Reform Act (HCA) and the “Bush Tax Cuts” (BTC) expiring, we are expecting some big tax changes for 2013.  This presents some tax planning opportunities that… Continue On +

Why Would One Want to Form an S-Corporation?

As with other corporations or LLCs, an S-corporation can provide its owners with legal protection; also known as Assets Protection or Limited Liability.  This can help protect the owner if someone decides… Continue On +

The Importance of Reconciling Your Accounts Receivable

As a client of Fluence, you are likely aware that we tie down your accounts receivable (AR).  What does this mean and why do we do it? During the reconciling or “tying… Continue On +

Recharacterizing your 2010 Conversion from Traditional IRA to Roth IRA

We are writing to inform you that if you act by October 17, 2011, you have a last chance to “reach back” and change the nature of IRA contributions (including conversions to… Continue On +

Is it the Right Time to Refinance Your Home or Practice

When asking if it is the right time to refinance, there is no blanket answer for every person; refinancing makes sense when you can reduce the costs of the loan.  Interest rates… Continue On +

New Roth IRA Conversion Rules

Should you take advantage of the new opportunity to convert your traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs? We have been asked this question daily since the guidelines for converting traditional IRAs to Roth… Continue On +