Don’t Be Mistaken for the Grinch

The Grinch isn’t just a holiday character.  When giving team members feedback, some people sound like the Grinch year round. So how do you give effective feedback?  First, it’s important to realize… Continue On +

Following the Herd

If you are alone in an unfamiliar building and you hear a fire alarm, how will you react?  Most of us will move, either to evacuate the building or to find out… Continue On +

Leadership as Clear as Low-Fat Milk

One of the most difficult tasks of a leader is providing clear direction.  What may seem obvious to us is often confusing to others.  So how do you provide clear direction? Consider… Continue On +

Insurance Tips for PRR’s

For many years, dentists lacked a procedure code for placing something more than a sealant but less than the composite filling that extended into the dentin.  That changed in 2011 with the… Continue On +

The Importance of Failure

Is failure a reason to hang your head or are mistakes a gateway to greater success?  Most successful dentists had their share of treatment to re-do early in their career, but every… Continue On +

A Simple Surprise to Increase Treatment Acceptance

Have you ever considered how something as simple as offering your dental patients a beverage in the waiting room or a warm towel to freshen up with after a visit can lead… Continue On +

QuickBooks: Online vs. Desktop – Which is Best for You?

Intuit’s QuickBooks (QB) is the accounting software of choice for many small businesses.  I am often asked if it is better to purchase the desktop version or use the online version.  Let’s… Continue On +

Taking the Pulse of Your Dental Practice

Dental practice software is powerful.  You can pull hundreds of pages of reports and gather an enormous amount of data.  But do you need all that to take the pulse of your… Continue On +