A Simple Surprise to Increase Treatment Acceptance

Have you ever considered how something as simple as offering your dental patients a beverage in the waiting room or a warm towel to freshen up with after a visit can lead… Continue On +

QuickBooks: Online vs. Desktop – Which is Best for You?

Intuit’s QuickBooks (QB) is the accounting software of choice for many small businesses.  I am often asked if it is better to purchase the desktop version or use the online version.  Let’s… Continue On +

Fraud and Embezzlement – Don’t be a Victim

In the current economy the average American’s income is falling and at the same time credit card debt is on the rise.  In this environment employee fraud and embezzlement becomes a very… Continue On +

The Importance of Reconciling Your Accounts Receivable

As a client of Fluence, you are likely aware that we tie down your accounts receivable (AR).  What does this mean and why do we do it? During the reconciling or “tying… Continue On +