Profitable Hygiene Teams

How do you make your hygiene team more productive and profitable? Focus on the best care for your dental patients. For example, underperforming hygiene teams often miss opportunities to provide full or… Continue On +

Are You Accidentally Turning New Dental Patients Away?

How many new dental patients do you turn away each month? Almost every dental team would say that new patients are never turned away, especially given how hard most practices work at… Continue On +

Setting Your ODS Fees

If you want to maximize the increase of your ODS fees to keep your dental practice healthy, make sure you have the right strategy from the start. Your first fee submission to… Continue On +

The Importance of Process

In many ways a process is much like a roadmap. It gives you step by step directions on how to get from point “A” to point “B”. Whenever driving long distances or… Continue On +

Resolving Unfilled Openings in Hygiene

Do you know how many appointments go unfilled in your hygiene schedule each month?  While it’s normal to have some openings due to sicknesses, it is more troubling when the openings were… Continue On +

Doctor: The Small Business Owner

Generally speaking, you are a doctor because you enjoy science, medicine, helping people and even the artistic component in sculpting teeth and creating a beautiful smile.  You did not become a doctor… Continue On +

Waiving Dental Deductibles and Co-payments

It is common for dentists, who want to help certain patients, to provide dental treatment for just what the insurance pays.  No co-payment or deductible is collected.  It is also common for… Continue On +

Placing Value on Pain Relief

Do you think a dental patient is happy when you relieve that person’s pain or alleviate some type of discomfort?  Of course your patient is happy.  Why then do so many dentists… Continue On +