Dental Marketing – The First Question

Wouldn’t it be nice if by simply opening your door wider you attracted more new patients?  Unfortunately, people are not gathering outside your door like they do a donut shop, eager for… Continue On +

When Your Hygiene Team Fears Being Wrong

Through my years of dental practice consulting, I have helped a lot of hygiene teams overcome barriers related to discussing treatment with patients.  In almost every situation, the doctor felt the hygienists… Continue On +

Get the Word out about Your Services

I remember meeting with a doctor several years ago who had learned to place her own implants, and she was upset. “I spent all of this money to learn how to place… Continue On +

Why is there a Refund?

Before you sign your name to a refund check, either to a patient or an insurance company, make sure the situation really calls for a refund.  Even experienced team members incorrectly post… Continue On +

Code Confusion

What often stands in the way of getting paid promptly for the work you do is the correct four-digit CDT code.  Many practices struggle with finding the right codes, and sometimes practices… Continue On +

Comparison Shopping

Treatment coordinators know all too well that more patients are comparison shopping when it comes to orthodontic treatment.  The challenge is how to address the concerns of a comparison shopper during the… Continue On +

Sometimes You Need to Be the “Heavy”

Most doctors and teams can easily name the patients who frequently cancel.  When you see those names on the schedule you are tempted to call Las Vegas to get the over-under on… Continue On +

It Takes The Right Attitude

Which would you rather have, a skilled employee or an employee with a great attitude?  Based on all of my years working with dental practice teams, I give the nod to a… Continue On +