More Than Just Coins in a Jar

How many years of your life have felt like “just another year?”  I contemplated this at a recent meeting of Toastmasters—a public speaking organization—where we were challenged to pick a coin from… Continue On +

What Are You Really Saying to Dental Patients

If you want to create stronger connections with your patients and have more people accept your recommendations for dental treatment, consider becoming fluent in body language.  Most of our communication occurs non-verbally. … Continue On +

Putting on Your Game Face: Dental Practice Morning Huddle

Why would a dental practice want to have a morning huddle?  It seems like the thing to do, but what does the huddle really accomplish?  The most effective morning huddles I have… Continue On +

Dental Marketing – The First Question

Wouldn’t it be nice if by simply opening your door wider you attracted more new patients?  Unfortunately, people are not gathering outside your door like they do a donut shop, eager for… Continue On +

When Your Hygiene Team Fears Being Wrong

Through my years of dental practice consulting, I have helped a lot of hygiene teams overcome barriers related to discussing treatment with patients.  In almost every situation, the doctor felt the hygienists… Continue On +

Comparison Shopping

Treatment coordinators know all too well that more patients are comparison shopping when it comes to orthodontic treatment.  The challenge is how to address the concerns of a comparison shopper during the… Continue On +

Eureka Moments

Richard James had a life changing moment in 1943.  He worked as a naval engineer, stabilizing the instruments on ships, and one day while making adjustments to some springs he watched one… Continue On +

It Takes The Right Attitude

Which would you rather have, a skilled employee or an employee with a great attitude?  Based on all of my years working with dental practice teams, I give the nod to a… Continue On +