Employee Manuals – Don’t Put a Target on Your Back

Dental staff management starts with an effective employee manual.  Unfortunately, a number of doctors place a target on their back when they hand out employee manuals that are poorly written and outdated. … Continue On +

Leaders Are Not Critics

When doctors work on becoming stronger leaders, they inevitably revisit two important lessons of dental practice management.  First, critics do not motivate teams.  Regular criticism makes your team believe you are against… Continue On +

Utilizing Effective Patient Surveys

Patient surveys can provide valuable feedback regarding how to take your practice to the next level assuming you ask the right questions. Consider this quote from Francois de La Rochefoucauld: “Few people… Continue On +

Get the Word out about Your Services

I remember meeting with a doctor several years ago who had learned to place her own implants, and she was upset. “I spent all of this money to learn how to place… Continue On +

Teaching Us about More Than Just Planets

Imagine you had worked years on a discovery, putting in countless hours, and then just before you were going to make your announcement to the world somebody beat you to it.  How… Continue On +

Comparison Shopping

Treatment coordinators know all too well that more patients are comparison shopping when it comes to orthodontic treatment.  The challenge is how to address the concerns of a comparison shopper during the… Continue On +

It Takes The Right Attitude

Which would you rather have, a skilled employee or an employee with a great attitude?  Based on all of my years working with dental practice teams, I give the nod to a… Continue On +

Tough Conversations Under the Right Terms

Voltaire was a prolific French writer in the 1700’s who was also quite outspoken in the area of social reform, despite stiff penalties for being such an advocate.  His writings and his… Continue On +