Dental Teams and Problem Solving

How can you and your dental team become better problem solvers?  Consider three of the tips offered in the most recent edition of Inc. magazine. Be wary of any problem that has… Continue On +

Fanatical Customer Service

Do you enjoy waiting on hold for customer service?  How confident are you about receiving a helpful return call or email after you leave a message? In the book Switch by Chip… Continue On +

What Do You Believe

I recently heard a speaker who challenged his audience to reconsider what they believed.  He spoke specifically about interpersonal communication and how we often take sides over what we believe is true. … Continue On +

Attitude for Growth

How do you foster growth within a dental practice when we have a less-than-ideal economy?  The catalyst is effective leadership.  But what makes a leader effective? Someone once said, “A good leader… Continue On +

The Identity of Dental Staff Turnover

Few things are more frustrating to dentists than to experience the conflicts and stress that ultimately result in staff turnover.  Many dentists go through periods where they constantly go through staff, and… Continue On +

Guiding Dental Patients to Schedule at the “Right Time”

Ideal schedules and pre-blocks that optimize production look great on paper, but the inevitable question is how do you get dental patients to schedule at the “right time.” Consider your own experiences… Continue On +

Communication Made Simple

Over two hundred years ago the English chemist, Joseph Priestly, said, “The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate.”  I can’t imagine what Priestly would think today. When research… Continue On +

Shrink the Change and Grow Your Dental Practice

Someone once said, “Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it.”  This feeling of constant change, which can feel overwhelming, is one of the main points of resistance when… Continue On +