Resilience Defines Who We Are

How do you manage adversity?  Admiral Jim Stockdale, a prisoner of war tortured by the Vietcong for eight years, was interviewed in the book Good to Great.  The author, Jim Collin, asked… Continue On +

Off-The-Wall Interview Questions Get Results

According to a recent article in CNN Money, hiring managers are getting quite creative with the questions they ask applicants, and dentists can apply these same techniques when hiring for their team.… Continue On +

Make Integrity Contagious

Why is it that people act differently in a group than they would individually?  Why would organizations put such little value in customer service, honesty, or the public good while doing everything… Continue On +

Team Approach to Scheduling

Who is responsible for filling openings in your schedule?  Many dental teams respond by motioning toward a stressed-out member of the front office team who has regular nightmares about cancellations. But if… Continue On +

Relationship Crisis

Before blaming the economy for any struggles, I encourage dentists and their teams to search for another type of crisis.  A relationship crisis. A relationship crisis can hurt a practice in two… Continue On +

Find the Bright Spots

Why are some challenges with teams or businesses so hard to correct?  Maybe we fail to spend enough time learning from the bright spots. In 1990, the Save the Children foundation, which… Continue On +

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

What do you do when a dental patient posts a negative online review of your practice?  A lot of dentists reach for the panic button just after they hit a punching bag. … Continue On +

A Pyramid of Confusion

An unclear idea, no matter how good it is, typically falls flat.  Just look at the Food Pyramid.  Who can argue with the idea of developing a tool to help people eat… Continue On +